Bob is the kind of human you want on your team.

I am (was) a first time home buyer and was rather nervous and uncertain of what to do and expect. From our first discussion, Bob Farster was supportive and listened to my concerns and what I wanted (and didn’t want) in a home. I was always comfortable asking him questions about the minutiae of owning a condo and appliances and how long does a furnace last and other details that came up that I was clueless about. He always responded honestly and objectively. If I brought up concerns he’d help me by listening and giving pros and cons. I trusted that he would be honest with me if something was a warning sign and he did so without ever seeming like he had any bias. He was kind, thoughtful, diligent, and most of all it felt like his only outcome was to help make me happy with the home I bought. It was clear that he treated me with the same respect and service as he did clients buying huge homes. We viewed over 20 condos and he was always eager and open to every door we walked through. Bob is the kind of human you want on your team. He’s the kind of person who will go out of his way to help you without a thought about what he gets out of it. I’m so thankful he was on my side for this big event in my life.